Rubber Bellow

Expansion Joints

We are the pioneers in the industry for Designing and Supplying Rubber Expansion Joints, which find wide usage in petroleum and chemical industries for connecting expanding pipelines. These joints are solve anticipated problem. They reduce vibrations,shockabration stresses and noise in the piping system and are resistant to high temperature and pressure conditions. These are available in various material Nitrile,Neoprene, Syenthetic and EPDM and Natural Rubber. Dia Minimum  80mm to  Maximum 1500mm.


  • Low Spring rates
  • Greater movement per arch
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Isolate vibration
  • Compensate misalingments

Product Range:

  • Single spool wide arch
  • Multy Arch , wide arch, METAL Flange Type


  • Size: 1500 NB
  • Pressure: Upto 24 bar ( Upto 300 NB )